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About KBD Kitchens

KBD was originally founded by Dan Tucker in 2005, who for 12 years worked as a leading designer at one of the UK’s largest kitchen specialists. Dan started KBD with designing and selling kitchens and, due to the success, quickly recognised the need for a kitchen showroom in Southend. For 10 years, the company was grown purely on reputation and recognition for doing exceptionally good quality kitchens – it was then time in 2015 for their first showroom in Southend-on-Sea.

Darren Gold, master stonemason, joined KBD in 2014 and excelled in identifying the meticulous attention to detail in time management and project management, earning him the title of Operational Director at KBD. With a growing team of experts, the team at KBD know exactly how to put a dream kitchen design to life.

Why choose KBD?
From the incredible attention to detail, to the wealth of experience obtained by each team member, we can offer a personal service that no other local company can. With every single design being bespoke to the client, every customer at KBD comes away with a unique and captivating kitchen to admire and relish every day. We create a signature look, specialising in all kitchen areas and offering affordable prices with leading suppliers and brands. Our insight and knowledge allows us to advise every client correctly, taking in their style, budget and space into consideration.

From the incredible attention to detail, to the wealth of experience obtained by each team member, we can offer a personal service that no other local company can.


Find out more about our team of experts here at KBD. With each team member boasting a wealth of experience at a range of top companies, they can create your perfect kitchen design.

KBD - Kitchen by Design, Daniel Tucker

Daniel Tucker

Dan has experience of building an incredible company from scratch with a team of excellent craftsman who can create personal and captivating kitchens. He first started in the kitchen industry at Magnet as a kitchen designer in 1993 and then, in 2003, created KBD.

Director and
Head of Operations

KBD - Kitchen by Design, Darrend Gold

Darren Gold

Darren has worked at KBD for approximately five years and has previously worked at Stone Mason for 15 years specialising in kitchen worktops, fireplaces and floors, working his way up to installer and template to manufacturing to factory manager.

Director and
Installations Manager

KBD - Kitchen by Design, Amy Partridge

Amy Partridge

Amy is a designer for KBD, boasting five years experience at Laura Ashley. From liaising with builders and architects, to designing on KBD's software, Amy is involved in a range of tasks at the company. Her favourite aspect of the job is designing and creating stunning colour schemes and layouts.


KBD - Kitchen by Design, Heather Mackenzie

Heather Mackenzie

Heather is a designer for KBD and has previously worked as Senior Designer at Harvey Jones and Leslie Jones architects. Heather creates mood boards for clients, designs alongside clients and is involved in every possible aspect of the customer design process.


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